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Adding a new dimension to your image


Domed Emblems Domed Badges

Domed Emblems or Domed Badges are either screen or digitally printed labels in almost any size or shape.

Our crystal clear polyurethane doming process uniquely transforms self-adhesive labels creating eye-catching, tough, highly tactile 3D images.

Polycrown provides a quality solution to product branding and identification with emblems suitable for outdoor use and able to adhere to gentle curves if required.

Adhesives and Base Materials

 Screen or Digitally Printed Labels The range of adhesives ensures bonding of any product to any surface. All industry standard specification adhesives are available.
High quality vinyl and polyester in a wide range of finishes including mirror silver and gold as well as metallic are generally used to manufacture domed graphics of most types. PVC and Polycarbonate are also available.

"Polycrown's extremely high standards of both products and services are so important to us". Domed Emblems Domed Badges

Winlock Security Limited.

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