screen and digitally printed domed emblems, domed badges, liquid graphics, graphic overlays, membrane keypads, on demand print services

Adding a new dimension to your image


Graphic Overlays and DecalsDomed Emblems Screen or Digitally Printed Labels

are generally under surface printed on a full range of PVC and Polycarbonates. We offer the unique option of either part or full polyurethane doming of the decal. The graphic image is either screen or digitally printed and can also be a combination of both.

The facility to sequentially number overlays and graphics is also available.

Adhesives and Base Materials

The range of adhesives ensures bonding of any product to any surface. All industry standard specification adhesives are available.

PVC and polycarbonate is more extensively employed in creating graphic overlays and decals although some applications are more suited to the wide range of high quality vinyl and polyester including mirror silver and gold as well as metallic.