screen and digitally printed domed emblems, domed badges, liquid graphics, graphic overlays, membrane keypads, on demand print services

Adding a new dimension to your image


Graphic Overlays Domed Emblems Membrane KeypadsLiquid Graphics

are domed graphics that are either screen printed, digitally printed or CAD cut from an extensive range of vinyl’s and polyesters.

Self-adhesive graphics can appear to be written in liquid providing a fantastic option for any signage requirement.

All Composite graphics are supplied with a clear application film overlay.

Adhesives and Base Materials

The range of adhesives ensures bonding of any product to any surface. All industry standard specification adhesives are available.

High quality vinyl and polyester in a wide range of finishes including mirror silver and gold as well as metallic are generally used to manufacture domed graphics of most types. PVC and Polycarbonate are also available.

"The final piece that sets the POS units apart from others - and always on schedule".

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